The Magic of Science and Technology on Agriculture

Example of technology used in agriculture

The majority of Indonesians work as farmers but they still work with a small scale farm and they do not farm maximally which caused there is only a few of proceeded crop. That causes most farmers do not have many benefits as a farmer. Now, the question is “Why do they not have many benefits by farming?” That’s because most of the farmers are lack of knowledge to take advantage by involving science and technology in their farms.

Indonesia, a country that declared itself as an agricultural country, should be able to be one of the world’s food suppliers due to Indonesian geographical position. In fact, Indonesia is still not able to do that. Even though Indonesia has a high export value on a few commodities, it also has a high value of import in some commodities such as wheat, beef, rice, and others. Most of Indonesian that still survives as a farmer is only using their farms as a thing for a living, not for business orientation, because agriculture without science and technology doesn’t have a lot of advantages.

The incident is still fresh when the United State’s wheat crops were such a failure due to a tornado and Indonesia receive the impact that caused the price of raw material for cake and bread increased too high. It should have not happened if only raw material was substituted by domestic products. Indonesia does not use a domestic product of wheat because it has poor quality.

As a country with superior natural resources, land fertility in Indonesia decreased more than 50 percents. It happened because of the popularity of chemical fertilizer among the farmers. The use of chemical fertilizer caused the number of low food production. Due to this problem, the government considers that it’s necessary to increase the food production by converting forest land into agricultural land. The converting received a lot of critics from environment lovers. It is because Indonesia’s forests have been reduced from approximately about 58 percents in 2008 to about 44 percents in 2010. The low food production is directly impacted the converting of forest land which is clearly a problem of all countries because it can raise the climate change rate.

Those two mentioned problems indicated that farmers still lack knowledge about increasing the quality of crops by using science and technology in agriculture. If this constantly happens all the time, the world food problem will have no end.

So, let the magic of science and technology spell on agriculture. The words should be spread that Indonesia’s agriculture should be attached to science and technology and this should be supported by various parties. Governments have a role in the regulations and legalizations, while the academicians run the project of agriculture development by using science and technology directly on the farms. The realization of agricultural science and technology is introduced to the farmers and used by the farmers in terms of raising the quality and quantity production of crops without depending on other countries and without harming the environment.




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